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Veterans For Peace Chapter 161, Iowa City

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Who are the people in VFP 161?
Veterans For Peace, Chapter 161, based in Iowa City, welcomes veterans in the surrounding area who,
because of their personal experience and travails in a military infrastructure,
now join others locally and worldwide in
advocating for dismantling the military-industrial complex as a basis for prosperity.

June, 2017 vigil



From Ed Flaherty:

What Country Is This?

  • The poorest Arab country in the world.
  • The most populous country on the Arabian Peninsula.
  • More than 70 health-care facilities have been destroyed by Saudi bombs.
  • Twenty million of its people face starvation.
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have launched air and ground assaults on the population in the northern part of the country, using planes, missiles, bombs and guns made in the U.S.
  • The U.S. is actively involved in the attacks by providing intelligence and mid-air refueling to the Saudi coalition.
  • The U.S. is engaged in direct military action there, using drones and Special Forces, often killing civilians.
  • The UN has declared that this country is in the midst of the worst humanitarian disaster in the world, with armed conflict being the cause.

The question of "what country is this" is easy to answer — YEMEN.
More ... www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1471338/yemen-nation-danger

A more difficult question is "why is the U.S. engaged in war there." And why have so few of our elected members of Congress taken steps to stop it?

Now comes Senate Joint Resolution #54: A joint resolution to direct the removal of U.S. Armed Forces from hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been authorized by Congress.
The above resolution was introduced on February 28th in the US Senate by Sanders(I), Lee(R), & Murphy(D). A Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Houthi rebels and civilians for the past 3 years, with bombs, planes, missiles and guns supplied by U.S. The U.S. provides mid-air refueling and intelligence. There is no authorization for U.S. involvement in that war. Medical facilities have been destroyed, 8 million close to starvation. The UN says, "the conflict in Yemen has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world."

Please call senators Ernst (202 224-3254) and Grassley (202 224-3744) and tell them to support S J Res #54.
... Or compose a message for this issue with FCNL assist



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For further information, call John Jadryev at 43O-2Ol9 or E-mail Ed Flaherty <flahertyem[at]q.com>


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